FAQ 2024

What sports are offered by Cramerton Athletic Club?

We offer youth football and cheer in the fall for ages 5-12 (13 for cheer)

What is included with my registration fee?

Football: Insurance, Helmet & Shoulder Pad Rental, Game Day Jersey, Pants, & Socks, , 1 week (3 nights) of camp including t-shirt & pizza party, at least 14 weeks of skill/technique training via practice, 9 Weeks of Regular season games of play, Award Ceremony, and Team Trophy

Cheerleaders: Insurance, use of tumble/stunt equipment, 1 week (3 nights) of camp including t-shirt & pizza party, at least 14 weeks of skill training, certification for BGYFL competition, at least 9 weeks of sideline game day cheering,  Awards Ceremony, & Team Trophy.

Are there any expectations of parents after I register my child?

Yes, this is a volunteer only program. It only functions with parent involvement. This involvement includes but is not limited to: Providing snacks/drinks after games, fundraising, and volunteering at home games. All parents are expected to serve at least 1 shift that is an hour long during 1 home game the whole season. It takes a village to run this program and with 175+ athletes there are plenty of parents to serve to help everything run smoothly for all athletes. All help no matter how small is greatly appreciated by our board and our coaches.

Is your program restricted weight or unlimited weight?

The Cramerton Panthers play in an unlimited weight league. This league does have weight thresholds for some skill positions per age group for safety purposes. All athletes no matter their weight will have a position they can play.

How many players are allowed on a team?

Our goal is to have between 25-30 players per team and 20-25 Cheerleaders. This may vary depending on the number of children at each level. Football teams will not have over 30 players.

Does everyone play?

Everyone does play. The amount of playing time is determined by effort, dedication, fundamentals, and skill level. We also keep safety and each players’ ability to protect themselves on the field a high priority. We play in a competitive recreation league. For this reason, there will be players who get more playing time than others due to their skill set and experience on the football field. However, every player has the ability to work hard at practice and earn more playing time throughout the season. If a player is at practice all 3 practices leading up to a game, then they will see the field in some capacity that week.

Where will our home field be?

Our home games are played at Stuart Cramer High School

What paperwork is required and when does it have to be turned in?

Paperwork required: An original birth certificate (not a copy), a proof of address, report card, a physical good through the duration of the season(Nov 30)

Paperwork must be turned in prior to our certification date. Your team mom will tell you exactly when paperwork is due. 

Where, When, and How Often is Practice?

Practice during Aug & Sept is held at New Hope Baptist Church. Oct & Nov practice location is TBD.

Football will practice Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays

Cheer will practice 2 or 3 nights a week and will be determined by each head coach

Do you practice when it is really hot? When it is raining?

Short answer is YES! It is imperative that your child stays hydrated during football/cheer season. This includes water and electrolyte replenishing drinks before/after and during practices and games. We do follow High School guidelines for the weather. We will not practice if the heat index at practice time is over 105, practice will be modified over 100. We do practice in the rain, up to coaches discretion. However, we will delay or cancel when there is a lightning strike within 7 miles of our location. We will never put our athletes’ safety at risk.

What equipment is needed?

Football-Cramerton Panthers will provide game day jersey, pants, and socks. We will also provide helmet and shoulder pad rental for the duration of the season. Parents are responsible for providing practice jersey & pants, cleats, chin strap, and mouthpiece. 

Cheer– There is no needed equipment. Cheerleaders must arrive to practice in appropriate attire including tennis shoes. No flip flops or crocs are allowed. Parents are responsible for purchasing their childs’ uniform and it is yours to keep at the end of the season. Cramerton Panthers will provide all needed breast cancer items (Poms, socks, bow)

How do the players get to the away games?

Parents are responsible for providing or arranging transportation to all games home & away. Most teams will need to arrive at games 1hr-1 ½ hours prior to game time. 

Do you perform background checks on the coaches?

Yes, all coaches are subject to a background check before every season. 

Do you offer multiple child discounts?

Yes, We offer a $20 discount for every sibling after the 1st child. This will be automatically applied when you register at checkout.

How long is the season?

Practice will begin the 1st week of August. The 1st game is the 1st Saturday in September, all games are played on Saturdays. The regular season typically lasts 9 weeks followed by up to 3 weeks of playoffs.  

Can I get a Refund?

100% refund is available until uniforms are ordered. Once your child’s uniform order has been placed there are no refunds. The only exception to this rule is if your child can no longer play due to a medical reason.